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30057 Stones of Love and Hope!!! Place needed!

18 Mar

Hey Supporters,

how are you doing in this very moment while you are reading this question? Please take a short moment and think about your mood. Why do you feel that way…? If it is a beautiful feeling ..ask yourself why it is there and how you can access it day in and day out. If it is a so so feeling, find out what you can do against it and how you can get rid of it. Feelings influence our whole body and thoughts. They are what makes us move and accomplish our goals.

A few minutes ago I checked the original Growing Stone of Hope youtube video (14sec.). I realised that we have more than 30.000 clicks / STONES now. That made me happy and therefore I wanted to share my happiness with you. The clicks made me move…

At the moment we have a nice flow of obtaining clicks 🙂 That is fabulous!

However, we really want to offer you some new pictures of the whole progress and right there is the issue we are still facing. We are pretty certain that TGSH is becoming enormously huge. Without any doubt we do need a place where TGSH can continue growing. If we add more and more stones to TGSH right now, it will have such a weight after a while, that we can not carry it anymore by ourselves. In addition, it will be too big to move. Therefore, we really need a beautiful location for TGSH. We already checked some places near by but they are all too expensive.

As soon as we have the right place – we believe that the new pictures will be just astonishing and fascinating at the same time. The new pictures will definitely liven the place up!

Your ideas and recommendations to obtain the right location for TGSH in Germany close to Frankfurt am Main are very welcome.

Have a look at the 30057 clicks in black and white – how beautiful is that 🙂 Yeahhh! Thank you so much! We wish you all the best

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple!

30057 Stones


We need YOUR IDEAS PLEASE! Over 12900 Stones!

11 Jan


today is the 01.11.2015 and boy.. I can tell you that the year started pretty well already! This year there is a lot of stuff to do for us and we are eager to succeed in all areas. If you are eager enough to change your life this year, then set a goal -> write it down -> put it next to your bed -> look at it each morning and before you go to bed -> focus on it and sooner or later your brain will come up with a strategy to make your goal / dream come true. If you do not have a goal in mind…something your are fighting for ..then why should your brain use its amazing power to support you to change your life anyways. You need to know what you want so your whole body / cells know where to go and what to look for.

Well, in regard to “The Growing Stone of Hope”….we are a little bit stucked….now we have more than 12900 Stones (we still need to add them, (but that is not the problem)…however TGSH is really heavy now and we are in the 6th floor without an elevator.

So we have been thinking that we move TGSH to our basement for a while and continue adding the stones there…

TO BE HONEST – We do not believe that is the right place for TGSH – our basement is not really pretty and its cold / there is no love at all. Our basement is not special and we have the feeling it is just not the right place for this project – A project where we all put so much love into it, that you are supporting so well and that will change the life of so many children in need in India and in other countries…

that is why we need your ideas – please give us some ideas ….what should we do next…?

we do want to rent any place but we would love to put The Growing Stone of Hope in a garden or to a beautiful place that is big enough and where people can have a look at it as soon as it is SUPER HUGE!

We are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

thank you for your ideas

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


Two Days In The Hospital – Over 7500 Stones of Hope – Be Grateful

22 Dec

Hi everyone,

once again the year is ending. 2014 is coming to an end. Actually, I can remember how I was writing a post at the end of 2013. Time passes very fast…well, that is how I experience it…Time is absolutely the most precious “Not Touchable” power in our life that we all share the same way. Use your time wisely because you never know when it is all gone…

A few days ago my wife and I were visiting a special person in the hospital. After a view hours we decided to go home. A 45 minute drive was in front of us. When we left the room I immediately felt a pain on the left side close to my stomach. I went to the toilet and hoped something would change so I would feel better to drive home again, but I was absolutely wrong.

I came out of the toilet and my wife said I looked pretty pale…well, everything happen pretty fast and the pain on my left side became worse. At that point there was no way that I could drive home again. Therefore, we went down to the emergency room and “checked in”! I can not describe the pain I had in detail but I can tell you, that I could not stand anymore. I had to sit down and more or less I was screaming for help. Due to the fact, that I looked pretty pale and that I continuously said that the pain got stronger and stronger, the nurse granted me access to the emergency room where I could lie down on a stretcher.

After a few minutes (10-30minutes) they made a ultrasound and brought me back to the emergency room where a doctor looked at the results and finally ordered to give me some painkillers (liquid). This “little bottle” was just amazing. The liquid entered into my body and after 5-10 minutes most of the pain was almost gone. ohhh yeah that was the moment I could talk normally again… The doctor explained me that I had kidney stones…”KIDNEY STONES” I was completely shocked – I never thought that kidney stones can hurt so much…I never thought that I would get kidney stones…ohhhhh boy… I was out of my mind…

After they gave me the painkiller, I could walk again, and so they brought me up to the seventh floor in a room where I could rest. My wife was all the time next to me and she informed my family as well. My mother and sister came to visit me. Around eight o’clock at night everyone left my room and I started to think and ask questions why this is happening to me…..

It did not take long and I was thinking about our project “The Growing Stone of Hope”. I imagined how it is for a homeless boy or girl having this pain I just experienced and not having the opportunity to be treated right away. What is a young homeless child going to do when he or she has this pain? The pain I had was awful but my pain has been relieved within one hour. A homeless child in India will probably not receive the same treatment as most of us.

Let’s come back to my question: Why did I have Kidney Stones? Here is my interpretation – > my interpretation will sound crazy for some people but that does not matter to me. Kidney Stones and The Growing Stone of Hope have one word in common “Stone(s)” ;furthermore, while I was on the stretcher and in my bed I was hoping that the kidney stones would just vaporize while urinating.

My hopes and wishes became true the same night. The painkiller made me urinate a couple of times and two to three stones left my body sooner or later. The next day the doctor made a ultrasound again and said that I have some tiny stones left which can not be destroyed at the moment and so he let me go home and I checked out.

At the moment I feel well but many times a day I catch myself thinking about the pain I had and about the question when I am going to experience it again.

I am sure some of you had kidney stones as well and it has been a piece of cake dealing with it for some of you. I know there are illnesses, diseases, etc. out there that are more than horrible. I am just sharing this story with you to start a movie in your head that illustrates the different worlds we are living in. Actually, I am just posting this story to push you to let everyone know about this project. If we want that this project becomes successful – then we need that people know about it. We need that as many people support us as possible. I believe that the pain I had was a reminder for me how important it is that this project becomes a huge success and that there are many people out there that need our “Combined Support”.

Leave us a comment and let the world know that together we can change the world!

If I do not post again in this year I wish you MERRY XMAS and a Happy New Year!

Take Care and be Grateful for everyone who is close to you and for everything that you have!

Best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple!

Quick Update – 4167 Stones!

9 Dec

Hi Growing Stone of Hope Supporters,

I hope you are doing fine and have a great time.

I just wanted to give you a quick update. The Growing Stone of Hope is growing faster than ever. Now we have more than 4167 Stones of Hope. Unfortunately, my wife and I have a lot of stuff to do right now; therefore, we were not able to add the stones yet and take pictures. However, we really wanted to let you know about the progress…

so next time I believe we will have new beautiful pictures for you..

Please take care and enjoy your life!

Best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

The Growing Stone of Hope

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