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22916 Stones of Hope + New Video

15 Feb


we have more than 22916 clicks / Stones of Hope!!! That is fantastic!

We just created a new video to explain our project again.

Have a look at it and let us know what you think of it. It is nothing fancy. We just tried to explain the idea and goal behind TGSH. We hope it makes sense!

Thank you so much for your continuing support! You are AWESOME!

Please take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

Video – click here




18277 Stones of Hope !!!

1 Feb

Hey there,

the first month of the new year already passed by….time passes fast – too fast in my opinion – always remember that you can not buy time – > one of the most precious untouchable items we have in life.

Well, today I just want to give you an update about “The Growing Stone of Hope” again – Now we have more than 18 277 Stones of Real Hope. My wife and I still need to add them to be able to make a new picture. However, first we actually need to obtain 18000 stones from somewhere 🙂

If you know someone who would love to send us some special small stones, then please do hesitate to contact us. It would be wonderful to be supported by someone / company to let the Growing Stone of Hope become bigger and bigger.

All right everyone, I need to go to work now…I really wish you all the best and that your dreams become true. Leave me your comments -> they are always motivating for us!

Please take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


8487 Stones of Hope – New Design – more weight – new colours

25 Dec

Ho Ho Ho,

I have some great news! The Growing Stone of Hope does not stop to grow! We already have more than 8487 Stones. That is wonderful…and TGSH is gaining weight 🙂  On the pictures you see TGSH with just 3500 Stones. Unfortunately, we do not have more stones available right now. Soon my wife and I will purchase some stones to add them to the other ones.

TGSH is getting bigger and bigger and so we needed to change the design to be able to add more stones in future.

Thank you for supporting us!   “Us = The People In Need”

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

_MG_5843 _MG_5844 _MG_5847 _MG_5849 _MG_5852 _MG_5853 _MG_5854 _MG_5855

BIG UPDATE – PLUS 882 Stones for The Growing Stone of HOPE!

9 Nov

Yes ! The headline of this post is incredible.

We just added 882 (eight, eight, two) STONES of HOPE to “The Growing Stone of Hope”. It took us a while to add them but each second was a very special one. (smile) Actually, my wife and I could do that all day long.

Have a look at the picture. WoW, you really can see a difference. The Growing Stone of Hope is growing and growing – isn’t that beautiful?! Let us know what you think of this great step.

_MG_5479 _MG_5481 _MG_5482 _MG_5483 _MG_5484 _MG_5485

Besides, we gained over 1000 subscribers on Youtube. That is really a huge success. Now, we are hoping that the Youtube FanFinder will start to support us to gain even more fans for the project.

If you haven’t clicked on the video yet or you have the urge to click on it again to make us add some more stones to the other ones, then please go ahead – here is the link 🙂

Link: (14 sec.)

In addition, I would like to recall the purpose of The Growing Stone of Hope.

As soon as the Growing Stone of Hope has more than 1 million stones, we want to sell it to people that do not have to worry about money. For instance, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Prince Harry, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates and many more who want to participate. With this money we want to create “Schools and Universities” for girls > first in New Delhi, India and then around the world. The Growing Stone of Hope project is not going to end after we received the donation; instead, it will become an ongoing support for people in need. We already have a decent plan how we are going to finance ourselves as soon as we sold The Growing Stone of Hope. To be honest, as soon as “The Growing Stone of Hope” has become a success, we are able to support people in need very efficiently.

Well, as we all know – the first step is always the most difficult one….however…don’t get me wrong now, but I am very confident that we will reach this goal ( with your support -what can go wrong?!). My wife and I are believing in the “POWER OF THOUGHTS” and I can tell you, that I already realized that the “Power of Thoughts” exist. Thoughts that you think of – go directly to the Universe. The Universe makes them come true no matter if the thought was positive or negative. …so be careful what you think of.. If you believe in it as well, I am sure that you made the same experience already, that something you were thinking of from day to day, became true sooner or later

Here you can see some pictures of New Delhi. A schools bus (the blue one is a school bus for real!) and some pictures of people who live on the street. Remember we all can make a big difference to the people by just clicking on a Youtube Video and forwarding it to our friends and family. 

28a02c5c47d434684468d9555f0fb93d 8cc89e246bbd57069fcdc2f609789db2 81e6ab5498569ced438c969922ba5108 026747948d7bd24522fc8ba5085d7475 c621d3a57ccefe411329f28b9759819d abc176df128f35af376a32a3c8dcf3dd ff696fbc0fc5ad012c63eeb2746282e9 48e1f241cbfeac5aadcad309940e5ad8 e272e217be15a171f6117246b6ef5366

As always – leave us your comment – we are very happy to read them all.

We wish you all the best and take care

Big Hug

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

OVER 1000 Stones of HOPE! 4 DIGITS…

26 Apr

Hey everyone,

we hope you are doing fine. We made a big step! We have more than 1000 Stones of Hope. To be exact – we have 1018 Stones.  It is just wonderful to say this number aloud. 1018 – YEAH!

As you can see on the picture we just added blue stones. Due to the last questions we asked – What color should we add? –  we received three answers – 2x blue and 1x yellow. So we took blue! Thanks again for replying! 🙂

Today we were looking at the TGSH and my wife and I thought – wow – one day this stone is going to have a value of a few million $ and then we all are going to support people in need enormously. Today I still can hold TGSH in one hand but I strongly believe that one day I will not be able to that anymore. I am convinced of the fact that one day we need a tower crane to move TGSH to the final destination. Yeah these are some of my thoughts I have when I look at it – (smile).

To be honest – I am unbelievable happy that we started this project and that we received such an unbelievable support of you guys. Without you …. I can’t even think about it what would be….

I have the feeling that as soon as this project obtained some popularity – it will definitely inspire people to do something similar. People will see that it works and they will start to believe that everything is quite possible if you make up your mind and just start doing it. “Just do it!”

I am imagining that The Growing Stone of Hope is not just going to support people who are really in need but ordinary people that have problems in their life as well. In my eyes this stone will give HOPE to everyone!


The Growing Stone of Hope Couple



The Growing Stone of Hope The Growing Stone of Hope





813 Stones of 100% HOPE!

13 Feb

“The experience Life can be beautiful and unforgettable if you know when to accelerate and to brake.”  by R.S.K. 02.12.2014

Hello friends, 

we hope you are enjoying the day and having a good time. We added more than 201 stones of 100% real HOPE!

Due to the fact that we are just able to add more stones because of you! – we want to involve you much more in this project than you can imagine 🙂

Let’s start right away: Please let us know your favorite color. The color that will be posted the most will be the color of the next added stones of hope.

We are eager to see your comments / color suggestions.

Thank you

Best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple – Big Hug

The Growing Stone of Hope _MG_4182

612 Stones of REAL HOPE! Can you feel it?!

23 Jan


I hope you are doing just fine. Let me tell you this right away. Its great to have you all on board 🙂

At the moment we are rolling with more speed to the right direction. We added 131 Hope Stones in 11 days! I just can repeat myself > It’s exciting and it’s so much fun! My wife and I “absolutely” enjoy it ! We hope you too?! (let us know)

In addition we want to give a special imaginary big hug to all of you who clicked on the video, posted TGSH on their own blog, follow us, liked our posts, shared the links on FB, Twitter, Pinterest,etc. commented on our posts and talked already about it. Each comment, each like, each click is so much worth to us – you can not imagine it. Each single interaction has a mavellous meaning to us. Its like we are having a couch / trainer behind us who is saying “Don’t you give up on me! Stay focused! Do it now or never I know it will work out!” For real > you are giving us so much Power + Motivation + Energy + Focus + Excitement – that I believe I will not sleep tonight….I just want to keep on going 🙂

Now something to think about    “The Click

In our new trailer we are emphazising that you can change the world with ONE CLICK – (hopefully it will become true) – furthermore we want to accentuate that this one click that you made and hopefully many people will make – is not just a click with a mouse but it also makes a click in our “Heart” and in our “Mind“. With the click on this video we realize what we can reach when we all work together for a very good cause. My feeling is (each time I click on the video) happiness and I am imagining thousands of little sweet smiling children dancing and singing all around their new school. > and that just because of one click – so in our eyes a click is not just a click anymore – much more than that – a click has the ability to change the whole world, change people’s focus, feelings and mindset.

>>>Your Click is Pretty Powerful!<<<

we wish you all the best

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


2014 what a great START! 481 Hope Stones!

12 Jan

Hey everyone!

“The Growing Stone of Hope” had a great start into the new year 2014. We added 92 Stones of Hope in less than 12 days. That’s pretty nice and we reached such a progress just because of YOU!

Due to such a success we created a special artwork. Hopefully one day this “Flag” will wave above the building that we will establish as soon as we received the huge donation.

If you want to send us your artwork for “The Growing Stone of Hope” as a picture then don’t hesitate. We will be more than happy to post them on our site, twitter, fb, pinterest, etc.! Actually that would be really cool.

If you have any idea to increase the attention for “The Growing Stone of Hope” – just let us know – we are eager to try new media channels / new strategies.

Please take care and follow your special dream!

with best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


2013 is coming to an end…

31 Dec

The journey and growth of “The Growing Stone of Hope” started in the year 2013.

You all showed us with your comments and clicks that you like the idea to support people in need in India by just clicking on the original video on Youtube. Therefore we are thinking big. In 2014  “The Growing Stone of Hope” should obtain the attention  it deserves. 2014 should be the time to convince the media to mention us on their shows.

Today is the 12.31.2013 and the “TGSH” has 389 Hope Stones & a new wood escutcheon.

I believe that 2014 will be a hit for “TGSH” ! My wife and I are very excited about it and we hope you are too.

We really wish you all the best for the next year and that all your wishes will come true.

We thank you so much for your support! Never forget that you made it all happen! You are the one that keep the world moving.

best regards & take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple



20 New HOPE STONES – TGSH Never Sleeps!

20 Nov

Not too long ago we added 80 Hope Stones – today we added 20 Hope Stones. So we are going the right direction 🙂

If we keep on moving towards our destination in such a pace than it will take an eternity to establish what we are planning. Due to that fact we came up with some interesting ideas that will pep up “The Growing Stone of Hope” a bit to increase the brand awareness.

So I can assure you that in a very short time you will be able to become a huge influencer of TGSH. Its going to be beautiful!

Today we are proudly counting 365 Hope Stones – that means that 365 people have seen our very short video. If you have seen the video – THANK YOU – You are always welcome to watch it again and again.

Remember each click on the original video – is another Hope Stone !

Stay tuned – and thank you very much for your amazing support – we realized your recommendations a lot!

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple!

365 Hope Stones

365 Hope Stones

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