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The Fingertip Story!

7 Feb


at the moment I am a little bit excited to post this experience due to weird thoughts that are flying through my head; however, I just follow my feeling and tell you a short story that happened to me a few days ago. Well, before I start, I just want to let you know again, that I truly believe in God and that I believe –> everything that happens in life has a “higher meaning”. For example, I traveled a very strange way to get to know my dream woman who is now my lovely wife. (Love at the first sight, at the same time -> both the same incredible feeling) …well thats another story…

“The Fingertip Story”

A few days ago, I have been very depressive. In these days I thought the raining days were the reason for my bad mood; or just because I felt more or less lost in space. Therefore, I prayed to God –>>I told him to make me happy again and to give me power to get through this dilemma.

Around 18:00 o’clock I decided to go to the gym to get some distraction. Oh boy… I can tell you that the parking lot was completely full; therefore, I decided to park next to the gym. A place where no car was parked but which was snow-covered! I thought the snow would not matter too much and I could get out of it easily again. Well,….. I was wrong……..when I drove down the little hill on the snow, I realised that I am going to be stuck sooner or later.

I decided to turn around and drive back. It was a miracle that I was able to turn my car around. However, as soon as I wanted to drive back to the top of the hill, I got stuck with my car. I was trying and trying to bring my car up again, but there was no way at all.

Slowly but surely, I smelled the clutch of my car. Right there I turned my car off and got out. I looked at my car and thought about the situation I got myself in……I started to talk to myself and said things like …why did I decide to park here? Why did I not park somewhere else? ..I just wanted to go to the gym and now I am stuck with my car. Why?

Well, I thought if I do not get out tonight, I am not going to be able to get to work tomorrow, I will not have a car for a long day, I need to call someone to help me out, I will be stressed out, etc…. so I sat down again and I called my sister to help me out. As always she wanted to support me right away.  She wanted to buy skid chains and bring them over. While we were talking on the phone I turned on the car again. I wanted to try it again and while I was looking at my speedo I saw a small button. A button I have not used for more than six years. The button was called ESP – ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL – while we were still talking on the phone, I pressed the button and I got out of this horrible situation as fast a rocket flies into space. I have been on the top of the hill in less than 15 seconds.

That success was one of the most beautiful feelings I had in the last few days. I was so happy that I was smiling the rest of day. When I was standing on the top of the hill, I knew that I have been in this horrible situations because God wanted to tell me that I can get out of any difficult situation within matter of nano seconds. I have been stuck but just with a fingertip I enjoyed peace and freedom again. At that moment, I really have been enormously happy and I thanked God so much for showing me how easy life can be.

I prayed to God and at the same day he answered! I prayed to him to make me happy and he did! Although, I had this experience a few days ago – I am still pretty happy – I know God is with me and when I need him he is always there for me. I just love him!

Why Am I Telling You The Fingertip Story?

To be honest….I want to give you a gooseflesh, I want to inspire you, I want that you never give up and that you know that you are not alone!

If you believe in God, then start strengthening your connection with this higher energy more and more. I believe, if you have no doubts at all that God is always with you, you will unify with him.


P.S: I have been thinking to post this story or not ….while I am writing this line I am proud I am going to post it.

…who knows …maybe the story is going to help you out….


I really wish you all the best and please take care! (watch out for snow covered parking lots)

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


Don’t take anything PERSONALLY

2 Jun

Hey everyone,

how are you doing today? Well, I have to say that at the moment I feel pretty well. I will let you know why. Actually, I have to work now… but I have the desire to spread my feelings with you.

Early in the morning my wife and I have been in the gym and each time we go there I listen to some audio. Today I started to listen to “The Four Agreements” The first 30 minutes have been astonishing!

Well, some of the wisdom in the first 30 minutes I heard before but the thing is that now I am ready to grab it. I believe there are specific times in life when someone is ready to grow and the last weeks showed me that finally the time has come for me to grow more and more. For people who are not seeking and interested in how to grow one’s life will feel lost while reading the following lines or listening to such a tape. I guess I now became sensitive to specific words, sentences and meanings because of the fact that I need to. I am picturing a door that I finally found and which I am unlocking slowly but surely.

The message that I want to spread around today – that I grabbed – is to take nothing personally at all. The title of the post says “Don’t take anything personally” now there are many ways how to read it…one way is to read it fast > not feeling anything while reading it, another way is to think …ohh I heard that before…      the way I read it –  is > making it to the main believe in my mind. Giving massive value to this TITLE – to live life like that.

I truly believe that this is the way to become immune against anything that bothers you in your life. When people look strange at you, when people dislike you, when people have a strange attitude towards you, when people talk bad behind your back, when people lie to you, etc.  if you start to not taking anything personally anymore in your life that comes from other people – I am sure that your life will look completely different right away. Its like you are living in a bubble and the skin of the bubble is becoming thicker and thicker as soon as you live after this principle. Words that hurt you, looks that irritate you, gossips that make you feel bad will just bounce back. If you start to believe that everything that a person tells you that is not pleasant at all he or she is actually saying to him or herself then it all makes much more sense. A person is hurting another person due to the fact that he is not happy with himself. Due to the fact that this person has so many issues in his life that he can not handle anymore. This person wants to get rid of the problems that are bothering him and that is why he lets it out at another person to feel released.

So if you start realizing that each person has his own problems he has to deal with and that telling negative words to another person is just a reflection of himself then you will not be vulnerable anymore. The opposite in your life will be established soon. You will become a person that bounces back anything that does not belong into your bubble and that you do not agree with. For real > try to imagine yourself being in a big bubble – and now imagine that everything that you do not like that is influencing your life is just bouncing back to where it came from. Your bubble is protecting you and day by day the skin of your bubble is becoming bigger and bigger and then you are so strong in your life that nothing can bring you down anymore!


I know that this post has nothing to do with “The Growing Stone of Hope”  but on the other hand I believe it does! It somehow belongs to the whole project…..The Growing Stone of Hope is growing each single day – do the same and never stop growing within yourself!

P.S.: actually I need to add many more sentences and examples to make my point a bit clearer but now I have to go on….

Pls take care – thanks so much for your comments we really read each one of them and we appreciate them a LOT!

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

Power in You!

9 May


how is life treating you? (wrong questions) How are you treating your life? (that is the right question)

Well, i just have been in our kitchen and I thought about you and TGSH. In this post I am not going to update anything on TGSH but I want to tell you a short story about a beautiful experience I had last friday. I am posting it now because it took me a while until it made “click” in my head. Today I really understand what happened last friday and this experience showed me what we as a human being can achieve with just our thoughts. soooo

last friday my wife and I have been at a family constellation. There was a medium and 11 more people. (my wife and I love the spiritual world a lot) It was the first time for us that we attended at such a meeting but it is not going to be the last one for sure. We went there because of me. For more than a decade I need to fix something in my life and step by step I am guided to the right places to resolve this problem. I wanted to go first but the initiator of the meeting suggested I should have a look first and then go for it. >I did.< I went second.

Well, for those of you who did not hear anything about family constellation I will explain it very briefly. – I believe there are different ways how to do that but at this meeting is was as follows. The person who wants to get to know something about his life, a pain that occurs in the body, depression, sadness, weakness, relationship issues, etc. you name it… If you have a problem in your family or that has to do with you and you really want to solve it or get to know more about it you can attend a family constellation, where a medium is obtaining your energies and making contact to the spiritual world. The spiritual world will give answers to your questions and support you to solve your problems. The medium is receiving these answers and translating them to you. (very briefly)

I sat next to the medium (a very kind woman) and she told me “do not tell me everything I just want to know what your subject is about – ok – so I actually just told here a handful of names – nothing else. Then I had to choose a person that would be me and a person that would play someone the problem I had was about. I had to give my energy into both persons. I put my hands on their shoulders and transmitted my energy to them. Both of them were sitting in front of each other and all other people including me were sitting around them.

Then the medium asked these two chosen people what they felt. > it was amazing < I have never met these people before and they told us exactly what I felt. It continued like that and the medium invited more people to present self-consciousness and a problem box. (I do not want to go into detail / be too personal so I will tell you what I learned) By and large, it was just unbelievable. Everything these two people said was true and absolutely correct. – at the end I hugged everyone and I felt much lighter and I was pretty happy (although these two people were crying) It was a beautiful feeling and I felt relieved. Like someone relieved a gigantic burden of me. I still feel that way and I hope that it will stay like that for the rest of my life.

My message for today: The message that I want to deliver is that we human beings are full of energy and thoughts that have enormous power. The problem is that we do not know how to use them the right way and what we can reach with them. From today on I will use my inner energy to become more successful in life and solve problems that are surrounding me. I will definitely use my positive energy to make big steps forward. I now really realized how powerful the energy > that is in my body, around my body and that I am carrying with me wherever I go < IS – The energy that is in us – is a big influencer of our life. We must start using this energy to live the life we are dreaming of.

A few years ago I watched the movie “The Secret” ..well, I thought I got the message and I started to send my thoughts to the universe but to be honest I guess I did not do it the right way. I did not really understand the strength behind this method. Today I got it and I hope that I could bring you the usefulness of the power of our thoughts and energy that we all have in us    a bit closer.

Please take care and use your energy wisely !

with best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple




The feeling I have right now…

27 May

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing pretty fine

Do you sometimes have this energetic beautiful feeling of communicating with people and let them know how beautiful life is right now?!

To be honest I have this feeling right now. Today is the 5.27.2013 and it is 17:00 o’clock.

I have been listening for more than 7 days to Anthony Robbins and I already changed my life. It is amazing what specific words can do with you. Just now I listened to “the meaning of your life“. I have to say that I know the meaning of my life for more than 17 years now. I know my purpose of being here on this world. I realized that there have been years I did not really think of my purpose and drifted away but I can tell you that the purpose of my life always came back to me and reminded me to keep going to reach the goal I set into my whole body.

Today I just want to share with you some thoughts: >Each one of you should live your life with pleasure. Take a break of your current work and look outside of the box and breath in and out. Feel the life, feel the love that exists around you, feel the air that streams through your body and makes it work everyday. …say thanks…

Right now I just have this feeling of telling you all  – that life is beautiful and can be beautiful for everyone. I want to make a difference with you by myside and keep on going to make the lives of so many people in need better and extraordinary. I have been trying a couple of times to support people in need in a big way but never achieved it as I imagined. With “The Growing Stone of Hope“ I can feel that this is the first step of reaching the goal. This time I really believe it is going to work big time.

Herewith I would like to ask you (and I am going to do that as many times as possible) to spread the love of this project and press FB, Twitter, Pinterest, email the project to your friends and so on.

As a reminder > you are the ones that will make the change > that maybe not everyone can think of right now

Just try to imagine:

– The Growing Stone of Hope becomes enormously huge

– We can sell the Stone of Hope

– We donate the money

– People in need have the chance to enjoy life more

– We continue with the meaning of the Growing Stone of Hope and establish a new and bigger goal.

Just let your mind imagine what can be and let your heart feel the energy and love that will be established. > Just with a click < I hope that is not too much I am asking for 😉

I really wish you all the best and I am glad I just shared some of my inspirations with you because it gives me a lot. I already feel much more motivated to make that change become true with you!

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