Special Post – Special People – Miami – Gracias

9 Apr

Hey everyone!

We have AWESOME news! We have been on a short vacation. We have been in Miami! It was really great and relaxing. We enjoyed it a lot! Not just the sun was shining like crazy and made the days wonderful but special people that we met on the street made some of the days outstanding.

While we were walking around and doing some window shopping we got to know special people that we informed about The Growing Stone of Hope and of you guys (our supporters / community). You should have seen their faces when we explained the concept. They were fascinated! (Sometimes I wish I would have a camera in my eye)

So when I think back at this week I will have these people in mind. Here are some pictures that we took while we were introducing TGSH. We took these pictures in and around Coconut Groove! A beautiful place!

The Growing Stone of Hope has been oversees for the very first time – Yeah!

>>> Here again we want to give special thanks to the super friendly crowd we met in Miami and that started to support the TGSH. <<<

If you have any picture that supports TGSH please do not hesitate to send it to us. We will publish it as well!

The Growing Stone of Hope IMG_0360 IMG_0366 IMG_0365






29 Mar

Hey everyone!

How are you today? I couldn’t sleep yesterday..I have been awake until 4 o’clock in the morning. Actually, I have been thinking the whole time how to make “THE GROWING STONE OF HOPE” really popular and strong enough to make a huge impact. Well, I have a couple of ideas but the first one I would like to mention is the following. After some hesitation we decided to ask you for a favor that really could change the whole process of the TGSH Project. – FOR REAL -

The FAVOUR / Idea / Huge Impact:

YOUTUBE is offering a free of charge service called FAN FINDER.  (Fan Finder – Free Promotion for Your own Channel) A few months ago we applied for this service; unfortunately, YOUTUBE briefed us that we need 1000 Channel FOLLOWERS to enjoy the free advertisement for our project. So the good news is that we already have 6 followers. Yeah!! hmmm the bad news is that we need 994 followers to make a gigantic step forward. On WordPress we have now more than 800 Followers so we have been asking ourselves if you can support us once again and follow our youtube channel so that TGSH will be very famous at the end of this year.

Do you remember the “Trailer” we established…?… We established this trailer to participate on FAN FINDER on YOUTUBE. So if we make it to 1000 followers – then this trailer will be shown all over on youtube and lead to thousands of clicks on the original video!

So…what do you say? We know you already supported us a lot by clicking on the video, posting comments, reblogging and liking our posts..(thank you so much for that)…but this could become really BIG….so please pull yourself one more time together for this project and follow us on YOUTUBE. You will see  - it will make a difference at the end!

THANK YOU – Please take care – The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

P.S: Click on the picture -> a new window will open where you can follow our channel.

P.P.S.: To ask does not cost anything but not to ask could become really expensive…


813 Stones of 100% HOPE!

13 Feb

“The experience Life can be beautiful and unforgettable if you know when to accelerate and to brake.”  by R.S.K. 02.12.2014

Hello friends, 

we hope you are enjoying the day and having a good time. We added more than 201 stones of 100% real HOPE!

Due to the fact that we are just able to add more stones because of you! – we want to involve you much more in this project than you can imagine :-)

Let’s start right away: Please let us know your favorite color. The color that will be posted the most will be the color of the next added stones of hope.

We are eager to see your comments / color suggestions.

Thank you

Best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple – Big Hug

The Growing Stone of Hope _MG_4182

612 Stones of REAL HOPE! Can you feel it?!

23 Jan


I hope you are doing just fine. Let me tell you this right away. Its great to have you all on board :-)

At the moment we are rolling with more speed to the right direction. We added 131 Hope Stones in 11 days! I just can repeat myself > It’s exciting and it’s so much fun! My wife and I “absolutely” enjoy it ! We hope you too?! (let us know)

In addition we want to give a special imaginary big hug to all of you who clicked on the video, posted TGSH on their own blog, follow us, liked our posts, shared the links on FB, Twitter, Pinterest,etc. commented on our posts and talked already about it. Each comment, each like, each click is so much worth to us – you can not imagine it. Each single interaction has a mavellous meaning to us. Its like we are having a couch / trainer behind us who is saying “Don’t you give up on me! Stay focused! Do it now or never I know it will work out!” For real > you are giving us so much Power + Motivation + Energy + Focus + Excitement – that I believe I will not sleep tonight….I just want to keep on going :-)

Now something to think about    “The Click

In our new trailer http://youtu.be/nOzTnayEgy0 we are emphazising that you can change the world with ONE CLICK – (hopefully it will become true) – furthermore we want to accentuate that this one click that you made and hopefully many people will make – is not just a click with a mouse but it also makes a click in our “Heart” and in our “Mind“. With the click on this video we realize what we can reach when we all work together for a very good cause. My feeling is (each time I click on the video) happiness and I am imagining thousands of little sweet smiling children dancing and singing all around their new school. > and that just because of one click – so in our eyes a click is not just a click anymore – much more than that – a click has the ability to change the whole world, change people’s focus, feelings and mindset.

>>>Your Click is Pretty Powerful!<<<

we wish you all the best

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


2014 what a great START! 481 Hope Stones!

12 Jan

Hey everyone!

“The Growing Stone of Hope” had a great start into the new year 2014. We added 92 Stones of Hope in less than 12 days. That’s pretty nice and we reached such a progress just because of YOU!

Due to such a success we created a special artwork. Hopefully one day this “Flag” will wave above the building that we will establish as soon as we received the huge donation.

If you want to send us your artwork for “The Growing Stone of Hope” as a picture then don’t hesitate. We will be more than happy to post them on our site, twitter, fb, pinterest, etc.! Actually that would be really cool.

If you have any idea to increase the attention for “The Growing Stone of Hope” – just let us know – we are eager to try new media channels / new strategies.

Please take care and follow your special dream!

with best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


2013 is coming to an end…

31 Dec

The journey and growth of “The Growing Stone of Hope” started in the year 2013.

You all showed us with your comments and clicks that you like the idea to support people in need in India by just clicking on the original video on Youtube. Therefore we are thinking big. In 2014  “The Growing Stone of Hope” should obtain the attention  it deserves. 2014 should be the time to convince the media to mention us on their shows.

Today is the 12.31.2013 and the “TGSH” has 389 Hope Stones & a new wood escutcheon.

I believe that 2014 will be a hit for “TGSH” ! My wife and I are very excited about it and we hope you are too.

We really wish you all the best for the next year and that all your wishes will come true.

We thank you so much for your support! Never forget that you made it all happen! You are the one that keep the world moving.

best regards & take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple



20 New HOPE STONES – TGSH Never Sleeps!

20 Nov

Not too long ago we added 80 Hope Stones – today we added 20 Hope Stones. So we are going the right direction :-)

If we keep on moving towards our destination in such a pace than it will take an eternity to establish what we are planning. Due to that fact we came up with some interesting ideas that will pep up “The Growing Stone of Hope” a bit to increase the brand awareness.

So I can assure you that in a very short time you will be able to become a huge influencer of TGSH. Its going to be beautiful!

Today we are proudly counting 365 Hope Stones – that means that 365 people have seen our very short video. If you have seen the video – THANK YOU – You are always welcome to watch it again and again.

Remember each click on the original video – is another Hope Stone !

Stay tuned – and thank you very much for your amazing support – we realized your recommendations a lot!

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple!

365 Hope Stones

365 Hope Stones

345 Growing Stones of Hope! We added 80 Stones! Thats wonderful…

9 Nov


We waited a long time to make our new update. Finally we were able to add 80 new fresh out of the box Stones of Hope. I can tell you – its a beautiful feeling adding these stones. For real it is! Its almost as you are obtaining birthday gifts. Its more than fun adding the stones on top of the other ones – its because I know that it will make one day an amazing difference.

At the moment we are “just” counting 345 Stones of Hope but I am not stopping to imagine what will be in a year or so. One day for sure this project will be known by thousands of people.

If you are having a project going on or planning to create /establish/ realize sth. then never ever give up and stay focused. Thats the power you have in yourself. Keep on going and never stay still. Keep on moving! Keep on imagining! Be energetic and realize that you already changed the world with your being.

So…I really hope that I can very soon post a new update (hopefully many more people will click on the video)

P.S.: “The money you earn on earth will stay on earth – The Love you give on earth will go with you to heaven” – R.S.K. – 11.9.2013

Pls take care and we wish you all the best

Your Growing Stone of Hope Couple

Here is the link to the video

The feeling I have right now…

27 May

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing pretty fine

Do you sometimes have this energetic beautiful feeling of communicating with people and let them know how beautiful life is right now?!

To be honest I have this feeling right now. Today is the 5.27.2013 and it is 17:00 o’clock.

I have been listening for more than 7 days to Anthony Robbins and I already changed my life. It is amazing what specific words can do with you. Just now I listened to “the meaning of your life“. I have to say that I know the meaning of my life for more than 17 years now. I know my purpose of being here on this world. I realized that there have been years I did not really think of my purpose and drifted away but I can tell you that the purpose of my life always came back to me and reminded me to keep going to reach the goal I set into my whole body.

Today I just want to share with you some thoughts: >Each one of you should live your life with pleasure. Take a break of your current work and look outside of the box and breath in and out. Feel the life, feel the love that exists around you, feel the air that streams through your body and makes it work everyday. …say thanks…

Right now I just have this feeling of telling you all  - that life is beautiful and can be beautiful for everyone. I want to make a difference with you by myside and keep on going to make the lives of so many people in need better and extraordinary. I have been trying a couple of times to support people in need in a big way but never achieved it as I imagined. With “The Growing Stone of Hope“ I can feel that this is the first step of reaching the goal. This time I really believe it is going to work big time.

Herewith I would like to ask you (and I am going to do that as many times as possible) to spread the love of this project and press FB, Twitter, Pinterest, email the project to your friends and so on.

As a reminder > you are the ones that will make the change > that maybe not everyone can think of right now

Just try to imagine:

- The Growing Stone of Hope becomes enormously huge

- We can sell the Stone of Hope

- We donate the money

- People in need have the chance to enjoy life more

- We continue with the meaning of the Growing Stone of Hope and establish a new and bigger goal.

Just let your mind imagine what can be and let your heart feel the energy and love that will be established. > Just with a click < I hope that is not too much I am asking for ;-)

I really wish you all the best and I am glad I just shared some of my inspirations with you because it gives me a lot. I already feel much more motivated to make that change become true with you!

Link to our main page: www.thegrowingstoneofhope.com

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